Asus AGP-V6600 Deluxe Review

Benchmark Results - Descent 3 DirectX

Here we have a low-resolution situation again where the CPU is holding things up. The only way you will see a difference in performance between the competing GeForce cards will be if the driver revision is that different from the others which is not the case here. Although we have a new driver for the VD3 3500, it still fails to run this test reliably under DirectX or OpenGL.

At the 1024x768x16 resolution, the CPU problem starts to taper off (as you can see by the overclocked card pulling ahead) but it does not change the fact that the GeForce cards are basically even.

Now we have some interesting scores, as the stock Asus V6600 is nearly 10% ahead of Leadtek, which is the next fastest stock board.