Asus AGP-V6600 Deluxe Review

Benchmark Results - Quake 3 Arena 1600x1200

The Leadtek board tries to pull slightly ahead but all the cards are for the most part even. We gain a smooth 30%ish gain with the overclocked V6600.

The second demo provides no noteworthy changes. The competing cards are even and the overclocked V6600 keeps its large lead.

Look at everything come to a crawl :). Interestingly enough, the Leadtek board seems to keep a better pace than the other stock boards. Even the almighty overclocked V6600 cannot keep a playable frame rate at this setting. The fill-rate and memory bandwidth demands at this setting are just too great.

We still see the Leadtek board pushing in front of the rest of the group while the higher clocked V6600 continues to lead the pack.