Athlon KX133 Motherboard Roundup - A Nail-Biting Affair

nmC 7VAX

The NMC 7VAX is completely identical to the Epox EP-7KXA. All slots and interfaces on the board are arranged sensibly. For overclocking friends: The CPU core voltage may be adjusted in small steps.

In principle the NMC 7VXA has exactly the same layout as the Epox EP-7KXA. Worth mentioning are the large and very well readable connector labels. Commendable is also the extensive and well-structured handbook that is distinctly different to the Epox EP-7KXA guide. With an AGP, AMR and ISA as well as five PCI slots the board offers a good base for PC systems. The strong controller guarantees a stable power supply, even if all available slots are filled.