Athlon KX133 Motherboard Roundup - A Nail-Biting Affair

Asus K7V

A large board with exemplary layout and excellent performance: The Asus K7V is currently one of the best KX133 boards. Due to the AGP Pro slot, it can accommodate even power-hungry graphics cards.

The Asus K7V was one of the first boards on the market with KX133 chipset. The current BIOS versions also convince with stability and good performance. The shipment is quite extensive: Apart from another USB cable for two additional ports, it contains a temperature sensor and mountings for the processor. As the only board in the test field the K7V comes with an AGP Pro slot that offers a stable power supply for appropriate graphics cards via additional pins. While Asus still uses an AMI Bios for the predecessor K7M, the K7V utilizes a BIOS from Award. Similar to the Abit KA7, it offers numerous adjustment possibilities for Front Side Bus clock and CPU core voltage. With a maximum FSB clock of 155 MHz the board can operate CPUs with more than 1 GHz.