Athlon KX133 Motherboard Roundup - A Nail-Biting Affair

Windows NT 4.0: Quake III Arena Demo001

The K7V is the only board breaking the 130 FPS mark in the shooter game Quake III. Here the difference between Win 98 and NT is quite visible for the first time. Under Windows 98 the GeForce only achieves 124,9 FPS. The disadvantage of Windows NT 4 is due to the missing Direct3D hardware acceleration. It makes playing classic DirectX games practically impossible. Quake III is one of the few game titles that use OpenGL as API, and therefore delivers a very good performance. Only Windows 98 and 2000 offer simultaneous hardware acceleration for OpenGL and Direct3D. Thus NT is primarily reserved for OpenGL workstation applications.

Windows NT 4.0: Advanced Visualizer

You can see the jump in the performance chart caused by K7V quite clearly. In this workstation test Asus shows all contestants which direction the wind blows!