Athlon KX133 Motherboard Roundup - A Nail-Biting Affair

Chaintech CT-7ATA

An outstanding feature of the Chaintech CT-7ATA is its dual Bios. This avoids any problems in case of flash errors. The missing labels on the DIP switches are quite annoying, because you need the handbook for the settings. Otherwise the board is rather inconspicuous.

The Chaintech CT-7ATA arrived at the last minute. The board comes in regular packaging; a handbook was not included in the shipment yet. Instead we found a driver CD with a content that was already hopelessly out-of-date when it shipped. The CT-7ATA possesses - similar to the Gigabyte GA-7VX - two Bios memories (Dual BIOS). This avoids a total loss during errors in the flash process. DIP switches set the clock rate for the Front Side Bus as well as the CPU voltage, but they are not labeled. The user can obtain the appropriate settings only from the handbook.