ATi Radeon 9700 PRO - Pretender To The Throne

Pixel Shader Tests

Now let's compare the pixel shader performance of these two cards:

The Nature scene is one of the game benchmarks. The Radeon 9700 is almost twice as fast as the Ti4600.

The Radeon continues to dominate the pixel shader tests completely.

NVIDIA Chameleonmark

The last pixel shader test in our repertoire comes from NVIDIA. ChameleonMark was created to demonstrate the pixel shader performance of the GeForce3 line.

The results are, once again, amazing. The Radeon achieves three times the performance of the GeForce4 board.

ATi's eight pipe architecture really gets to flex its muscles here. The pixel shader performance is practically twice that of the GeForce4, which is hardly surprising, considering the Radeon has twice as many pixel pipelines as the NVIDIA board.