ATi Radeon 9700 PRO - Pretender To The Throne


ATi's new Catalyst driver suite leaves a good impression, featuring many self-explanatory menus that let the user change almost any setting. Even a lot of the more advanced settings can be tweaked to a great extent. The only thing we would like to see in the control panels would be overclocking options.

The settings menu for Direct3D. The FSAA option available with the Radeon 8500, which allowed you to choose between Quality and Performance modes, is no longer offered here. For anisotropic filtering, a performance mode (bilinear) and a quality mode (trilinear) are available.

The settings menu for OpenGL offers the same options.

Detailed information about the card. The BIOS of the board is dated 2002/08/01. There's no problem with operating an AGP 8x card in an AGP 4x motherboard.