ATi Radeon 9700 PRO - Pretender To The Throne

3D Mark 2001 SE - FSAA + Aniso - Dragothic High

The performance ratio remains the same in the Dragothic test.

Quake 3 - FSAA + Aniso

In Quake 3, the Radeon 9700 is "only" twice as fast as the GeForce4 Ti.

In this mode of testing, the GeForce4 Ti loses dramatically to the Radeon 9700. It is interesting to note that the performance delta between the cards is much more pronounced in Direct3D than it is in OpenGL. In light of these results, NVIDIA may have to reconsider its anisotropic filtering implementation and its position in regards to honesty. We'll say the same thing here that we said about ATi's implementation, though - in the end, the user should be free to decide whether or not an optimization should be enabled.