ATI's Radeon X1950XTX: You Say You Want A RAM Revolution


We would have liked to have more time with the cards than we had, but will come back with more reviews. This preliminary look into the single-card operations bodes very well for the red company from up north. At $449 the Radeon X1950XTX is a very nice buy. If you plan an upgrade in the near future, this new addition sweetens the deal.

If you are looking for more for a bit less, the Radeon X1900XT 256 is right up your alley. At a suggested retail price of $279, these look to be a good buy for those who seek a solid gaming card for a less-than-astronomical price.

Time was not a luxury we could afford, so stay tuned for the follow up article with the CrossFire results in comparison to SLI and Quad.

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