Attacking the GeForce2 MX: ATi's Radeon 32 MB SDRAM

Image Quality

For this test ATi provided us with the driver version 4.12.3063 as you can see on the screenshot.

In Evolva we observed small artifacts when playing the game. The image quality became worse in the new benchmark Mercedes Benz Truck Racing (MBTR). In the latter the image quality was unbearable, as you can see in this picture.

In reality the deformations (see windshield and grille) look even worse. When we captured this screenshots the scene play stopped for a fraction of a second, which 'improved' the image quality to the state shown above.

Furthermore we cannot report anything positive about the state of the Windows 2000 drivers. Compared with Windows 98 the performance was so bad that we decided against publishing any results under Windows 2000.

The driver programmers at ATi have indeed a lot of homework to do. Although the Radeon 64 MB has already been available since July we cannot say that the drivers have matured.

Uwe Scheffel