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BenQ PD3200U 32" Ultra HD Monitor Review

Viewing Angles, Uniformity, Response & Lag

Viewing Angles

BenQ bills the PD3200U as an IPS panel, but it actually conforms to the AHVA flavor of that technology. That improves viewing angles without compromising contrast or color accuracy. You can see in the photo that the side view shows very little change in either light output or color. Whites are a tad cooler but this is about as good as it gets for any LCD. From the top, there’s obvious light falloff but detail holds up well and color shifts slightly towards red. A monitor this large almost needs the improvement that AHVA offers. Standard IPS isn’t quite as good.

Screen Uniformity

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Our PD3200U sample showed slight hotspots in the corners which skewed results but didn’t mar actual content in any significant way. We’re not concerned about quality control here given our past experiences with BenQ monitors. And we wouldn’t complain about this particular one either. It’s just not quite as uniform as other screens we’ve reviewed.

The white field result is much better and shows no visible flaws. In the color uniformity test, we see a barely perceptible green tint on the right side of the screen, near the edge. The rest of the 80% field pattern looks perfect.

Pixel Response & Input Lag

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There’s nothing quite like playing games on a jumbo monitor at Ultra HD resolution, but the PD3200U’s lack of adaptive refresh will probably keep it off some enthusiasts’ short lists. Nevertheless, its response and lag scores are pretty good among present company. Even the gaming-oriented XB321HK can’t quite keep up. It offers G-Sync but adds an extra 2ms of input lag. It’s not something mortal humans will be able to discern, but if you don’t need frame-rate-matching and you’d like to save a few hundred dollars, the BenQ can anchor a gaming system admirably.