Big Bytes to Go: Maxtor's OneTouch III Mini Edition

Why Buy An Off-The-Shelf External 2.5" USB2.0 Hard Drive?

Although Maxtor was bought last year by its competitor Seagate, products using the Maxtor brand name will still be available in the retail market. One of these products - possibly the last one developed independently by Maxtor - is the OneTouch III Mini Edition.

Maxtor's target audience for its external 2.5" hard drives is unquestionably the mobile business user, but this light data storage device will certainly appeal to other laptop and notebook computer users as well. The OneTouch III Mini is available in capacities of 60 and 100 GB.

A look around the web (or even the local computer store) will tell you that there are no-name products with a similar capacity and an identical form factor available at prices below the cost of a Maxtor Mini. So, is Maxtor's price justified? This review will attempt to answer that question.

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