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Big Bytes to Go: Maxtor's OneTouch III Mini Edition

File Synchronization

Many users know this problem. On the road, the light and portable notebook is the obvious tool of choice, while the desktop PC is usually the more ergonomic environment in the home office (due to bigger screen real estate if nothing else). Sooner or later, however, after a trip, you're bound to forget to copy the files back to the portable PC. More likely than not, this will usually mean a rude awakening at the office in the morning and a wild jumble of different file versions.

However, Maxtor has a solution. With the OneTouch III, you can synchronize files between the notebook and your home office PC simply by pressing the OneTouch button. This ensures that you always have the most recent version of your files with you, preventing loss of face at the office (or even worse, in front of a client!)

Restoring The System After A Virus Infection

Another very interesting idea is the system rollback feature. It allows the computer to be restored to a previous backup point after a spam, spyware or virus attack, without losing any files.

The problem is that the application builds on the System Restore feature built into the operating system. As such, it will only work as long as the malware has not attacked or compromised this feature. Therefore, I found this tool's usefulness somewhat limited.