Building a Digital Video Capture System - Part II

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Street Price$249.95$249.95$779$899
Recommended CPU(s)/speedPentium II or AMD K6 / 400 MHz or higherPentium II, Celeron, or AMD K6-2 / 400 MHz or higherPentium II or compatible processor / 450 MHz or higherPentium II or AMD Athlon CPU / 350 MHz or higher
OSWindows 2000, ME, and 98 SEWindows 2000, ME, and 98Windows 2000, NT, ME, 98SE and 98Windows 2000 (Service Pack 1 is recommended) or Windows ME
Input Format(s)DVAnalogDV/AnalogDV/Analog
Output formats.AVI, Real Video, .ASF, MPEG & Quick time video, DVMPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RealVideo, CompositeMPEG-2 (DVD compliant),MPEG-1, MP3,Real Media, Windows Media. Also DV, DV Cam, DVCPro, Digital8, S-Video, Hi8, Composite, Video8MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (DVD compliant), RealVideo, Windows Media, QuickTime, DV, S-Video, Composite
Video In PortsIEEE 1394S-Video / CompositeIEEE 1394 / S-Video / CompositeIEEE 1394 / S-Video / Composite
Audio InIEEE 1394RCAIEEE 1394 / RCAIEEE 1394 / RCA
Breakout BoxNoYesYesYes
NLE SoftwareMedia Studio Pro 6.0 (Full Version) or Adobe Premier 6.0 (Full Version)Dazzle MovieStarAdobe Premier 6.0 (Full Version)Adobe Premier 6.0 (Full Version)

About The Author

Guy Wright has worked as a video engineer, video editor, and producer/director for cable and experimental television stations. He is a published science fiction author and author of books on computers and video. He has been Technical Editor, Technical Manager, and Editor-in-Chief for a number of high-tech magazines since 1983 including Run Magazine, Amiga World Magazine, OS/2 Magazine, InterActivity Magazine, and Multimedia Week. He has published over 500 articles in more than two dozen high-tech and video magazines.