Building a Digital Video Capture System - Part II

Dazzle Digital Video Creator II

Dazzle Digital Video Creator II

Input(s): Analog (composite or S-video) only

Format(s): MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, RealVideo
Street price: $249.95 (list $299)

System Requirements

Intel Pentium II/Intel Celeron/AMD K6-2 400 MHz or higher
(Note: According to the Dazzle Web site, "AMD Athlon processors with certain chipset combinations will cause problems for the Dazzle Digital Video Creator II. On some Athlon based PCs, the DVC-II works as intended and on some the product will not function. AMD engineers are currently investigating the issue. At this time Dazzle cannot guarantee full compatibility with every PC containing an Athlon processor.")
Windows 98, Windows 2000/ME
64 MB minimum
800 x 600, DirectDraw compatible graphics card
Sound card
60 MB-Dazzle Software / 200 MB-Bundled MPEG video 25 MB-All bundled software / 0.5-15 MB per minute rec. video

In The Box

Dazzle MPEG-2 PCI Card
External Audio/Video breakout box
1 - S-Video cable
2 - composite RCA cable
1 - Stereo RCA cable (audio)
1 - RCA to Mini-stereo cable (audio)

Software Bundle

Dazzle MovieStar Software
Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE
Software DVD player
Sonic Desktop SmartSound
Sample MPEG Video Clips
RealPlayer 8
Microsoft Media Player
Microsoft IE

The Dazzle MPEG-2 PCI Card