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Computex 2007: Mobility to Go Round, Boxed Supercomputing and the Redefinition of Video

Neatek - Multi-Stream Video For Cars

Video for passenger vehicles is nothing new; you probably see them all the time these days. Sometimes you don't even notice it. Many car companies have integrated video for rear passenger vehicles to make those long trips to visit family and friends more enjoyable for children - and for parents who don't want to hear "are we there yet?" over and over. Walking around the various hall floors you get to stumble upon the different and unique, including a product from Neatek. The company has a two-part solution for passenger vehicles: the product utilizes an in-dashboard controller and a hidden storage and output device.

Unlike most video playback devices, the Giantec VPC-2500 can output two different content streams at the same time. The typical household in America has two and a half children per family according to popular statistics. Ideally, your son could watch a video about trucks and construction equipment, while your daughter could watch Dora the Explorer or some other "girly" program.

The system works by using an internal hard drive and utilizes the in-dashboard controller, which has ports for media and USB. Ideally, you can download content onto the hard drive or play from a portable storage device. Video is fed through the video output to any number of displays, while the audio is routed to the vehicle's existing sound system if there is an input jack. This could be used in a family vehicle as previously described, or in commercial applications such as mass transit or charter services like tour buses. The first generation of this product launched in 2000, but the current model is available now.