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Computex 2007: Mobility to Go Round, Boxed Supercomputing and the Redefinition of Video

Bits And Pieces

Arko had an interesting video headset. The device can be hooked up to any NTSC or PAL feed, and the glasses can display the image on the inside. Two earbuds come down from the frames to provide stereo audio.

Several vendors had standalone displays that can display picture galleries, but this one from X-Micro uses Bluetooth technology to change the picture on the display remotely. This means that larger panels could make their way into doctors' waiting rooms, corporate offices and homes for displaying art, advertisements, special messages or pictures


This is a cool wooden sculpture inside the Grand Hyatt.

Inside Hall 1 looking down from the second floor.

Construction and innovation mean the end of Computex as we have known it. Next year it will be split between separate venues.