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Computex 2007: Mobility to Go Round, Boxed Supercomputing and the Redefinition of Video

ECS Builds System Recovery Into The BIOS

The 945GCT-M from ECS is a business class Core 2 motherboard based on Intel’s 945GCT chipset. Although most of us would consider it very low-end, the motherboard has a nice feature that I would love to have for my dad’s computer : the BIOS/EFI comes with Intel’s System Recovery Tool (based on Symantec Ghost) integrated. This means that you can create or restore system images without having to boot the machine. For me this would be ideal to recover my dad’s computer in case he messes something up. Using such a feature, Internet cafés or large LAN party setups could restore default system states when needed. Unfortunately, ECS does not yet provide an option to automatically overwrite partitions before a system boots up. This, along with the option to rollback incrementally, would be the key to large-scale deployment.

DTX Concept Cases By ECS

ECS also showcased the two DTX cases 131A and 131B (white and black). DTX is an open standard for motherboards that was initiated by AMD. While the cases with a volume of 7 liters (approx. 1.85 gallons) are neat, ECS admitted that it does not yet offer DTX motherboards, nor does it intend to do so in the short run. However, both cases can also take MiniITX motherboards.