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Computex 2007: Mobility to Go Round, Boxed Supercomputing and the Redefinition of Video

Supa GT-3000: GPS Tracker With Alert

Over in Hall 3 we found a product similar to the QStarz BT-1000, but with a slight twist. Supa Technology has the GT3000 GPS Tracker, which will also port the location of the device to Google Earth. This model only has a 24+ hours battery life, but it has two extra options. The device has the ability to create a proximity perimeter with the press of a button. If the device is attached to a pet's collar or under the seat of your car, with the simple press of a button it will alert the owner via GSM when moved outside the perimeter. The other option is to use the SOS function to alert someone at home that you need assistance. There is no call center to alert you if your car is moved or if your child gets hurt, but it should be less expensive than a monitored service over the life of the product.