Computex 2007: Mobility to Go Round, Boxed Supercomputing and the Redefinition of Video

QStarz BT-1000 GPS Tracking Devices

Making our way into the nooks and crannies of the remote sections of the halls, we find the lesser known companies, or those who did not have the budget for a grand booth. Sometimes this type of adventuring can be a bit like treasure hunting. Upstairs in Hall 1 we came across a company that makes global positioning devices (GPS). These were not the first GPS devices that we had seen at the show, but QStarz's BT-1000 GPS Travel Recorder added an interesting twist.

This device did not offer a display but could still be extremely useful: it simply keeps track of where it is taken. A user could record a trip and post it in Google Earth for others to follow, for example. Another use might be by a concerned parent, who could record the last 32+ hours of a child's use of the family car. With the push of a button the device will start recording the location of the device over time, either until it is turned off or it runs out of memory. It will be available in Asia, Europe and North America for around $139.