Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore

Nanya - Elixir

Nanya had a display dedicated to its low-power versions, such as its improved FBDIMM module, with a lower operating voltage of 1.5 V instead of 1.8 V. This means that the module can work with standard JEDEC specifications while using less power and generating less heat. The company said that it is the only company that can offer this module and that it has had a lot of interest in the product.

A couple of versions of these modules were on display, including Elixir DDR3 512 MB, 1066 MHz modules with latencies of 7-7-7 while the 1 GB, 1333 MHz model will run with higher latencies of 9-9-9.


TwinMOS demonstrated DDR3 at 1333 MHz and a CAS latency of 9 cycles.

Twinmos DDR3 in action at the Computex.