Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore

Biostar: GeForce 8600

Biostar doesn't have a booth this year. Instead the company has a hospitality suite at the Grand Hyatt hotel. We saw several motherboards that you will find in our day 1 coverage, and we also saw the latest graphics cards.

One of the most interesting products is the VR8603TS21. In short: It's a card based on Nvidia's GeForce 8600 GTS, with 256 MB DDR3 memory and Biostar's V-Ranger overclocking feature. For us the cooler is the most interesting part, as the demonstration systems based on this card ran amazingly quiet. There are very thin fins and a large-diameter fan that only runs at higher rotation speeds if required.


Chaintech did not have any ground breaking announcements as ATI and Nvidia have both had product launches in the weeks prior to Computex. One booth featured a driving demo complete with a steering wheel, which was hosted on a system with a fan-less GeForce 8600GTS.