Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore


The memory manufactures are really showing off their new DDR3 memory kits. Based on what we found on the floor, the market is not ready but the companies want to show that they're getting ready for the near future. Though our searching only uncovered engineering samples, several makers indicated that much faster generations will be ready soon.

A-data - DDR3 And Micro USB Drives

Several frequencies are available for DDR3. The module displayed above is a plain vanilla version of a DDR3 that runs at 1066 MHz. The modules on this test bench were operating at 1450 MHz. However, we were not able to obtain any information about the price and availability.

Don't worry, you're not watching the Disney Channel.

A-Data had something that appeals to the child in all of us. These designs come in various form factors and should cater to those who love all things Disney. Switching from cute to the practical, A-Data thinks that small is better and its new micro USB drives are really small both in dimensions and in capacity, ranging from 512 MB to 2 GB.