Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore

Apacer's DDR3 Overclocker Series

Remove the first two letters from Apacer's brand name and you can guess which company owns 50% of this memory manufacturer. Regardless of who owns whom, Apacer has an interesting DDR3 kit dedicated to overclockers. These DDR3 modules are available in 512 MB and 1 GB capacities and are certified to work at 1600 MHz with a programmable CAS latency ranging from five to 10. A copper heatpipe transfers the heat to an aluminum heatsink.

16 GB SHDC could be a dream memory card for professional photographers with high capacities and the 4 GB version is quick with 290x data speeds

There are leashes for our pets but Apacer takes this principle and reinvents this concept for USB flash drives. While it looks like an ordinary USB drive when closed, it transforms into a drive with a red tag to easily remove the pen from your USB port.

Geil Demonstrates DDR3 Operating At 1500 MHz

In Geil's booth there was a demonstration system running its DDR3 at 1500 MHz. It was stable enough to not crash every five minutes and to complete the math calculation benchmark Super PI without any issues. Click on the image to see a larger version.

As we reported during the first day, many motherboards and chipsets will accommodate DDR3. This will apply both to desktop and notebook users. This will apply both to desktop and notebook users we should expect to see more DDR3 in the future. Above is Geil's first set of DDR3 SO-DIMM samples.

Kingston Announces DDR3 Models And Prices

Kingston HyperX KHX11000D3LLK2/1G

Kingston has officially launched DDR3 modules with frequencies ranging from 1033 to 1375 MHz. The price for these memory types will range from more than $143 for value models such as 512 MB, 1033 MHz modules to more than $680 for HyperX 1375- MHz, 2 GB modules.