Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore


Hall 2 is home to many of the graphics manufacturers. Several of these card makers have other business units, such as motherboard divisions, all of which are housed inside large booths. Foxconn had special overclocking edition graphics cards like its 8800GTX ONOC on display. Foxconn mentioned that the upcoming GeForce 8400 is ready to ship but is still under NDA until later this month.


Heading over to GeCube's booth proved to be very interesting. On display there was a system running two Radeon HD 2900XTs in CrossFire but while one card had the ATI designed cooler, the other was sporting a large quad heat pipe and dual fan cooler. As you can see in this overhead picture, the cooler rises far above the surface of the graphics board. This could provide for effective cooling as there is ample room for the heat to be dissipated.

Life for who refuse to move from AGP to PCIe will like this next product. GeCube will soon have a Radeon HD 2600XT available on the market.

During our day zero coverage we included an slide show with MSI's Germinium 2600XT with two Radeon HD 2600XT graphics processors. GeCube has a dual Radeon HD 2600XT of its own in the making. The engineering version shown here lacks CrossFire connections to an additional "like card" for QuadFire but is much closer to shipping than the MSI Germinium version.

Lastly GeCube had two interesting devices based on mobile media players. One had a screen while the other shown above did not. The first version was designed as a media player for a single user. This unit can be connected to any other media device such as a TV, computer or camera and can record data. The unit has a replaceable hard drive and a run time of about four hours on a fully charged battery. This unit can connected to any other media device such as TV, computer, or camera and can record data to be played back on the same device or another. The unit has replaceable hard drive and has a run time of about 4 hours on a fully charged battery.