Computex 2007: Mega Memory and Graphics Galore

Impressions: GeForce On The Rocks!

Forsa displayed its Nvidia graphics cards on ice.

Casino Royale at Computex. The Fatal1ty bandwagon came to give away $3,000 to anyone who could beat the world renowned virtual killer. While you wait to get PWND, you are welcome to play some roulette.

Well, well, AMD turns out to be the show stopper here.

Yesterday, we showed a huge two-kilowatt external power supply. Do you have some more free space in your room and you don't know how to keep the temperatures low inside your case? Buy an external freezer for your PC! The biggest model is named Triple Extreme Cooling Cube. The size of this freezing accessory is 492x216x305 mm for a heavy weight of 35 KG! The tubes (evaporators) will pump freezing air as cold as -48 degrees into your case to cool up to two graphic cards and a CPU.

Bring this USB drive around and you may scare occasional vampires and also try some hi-tech exorcisms. Foxconn manufactures this nice gadget for its OEM customers.

If crosses are not for you, "Y" not try Ridata's EzDrive Yego with capacities up to 8 GB.