Efficiency Explored: What's The Perfect Clock Rate For Your Core i5?

Benchmark Results: Audio/Video Benchmarks

All benchmark charts list the overclocking performance at maximum nominal speed, as well as at Turbo Boost speed with three or four cores (one multiplier increase) where applicable. All results at 3.4 GHz nominal speed and higher were obtained without Turbo Boost, as it would have caused the frequencies go through the roof for one or two active cores, since Turbo Boost accelerates by four multiplier bins. Please have a look at the clock speed table on page three for details.

High clock speeds result in better performance for Lame, but it’s amazing to see that the 3.2 GHz base speed (160 MHz BCLK) reaches a performance level similar to the same processor running at fixed 4.0 GHz.

DivX wants more horsepower and runs best at high overclocked speeds for all cores.

Results are similar for Xvid.