Cougar Panzer EVO RGB ATX Case Review: Bigger, Brighter, Better

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Benchmark Results & Conclusion

For the purposes of comparison, we are using Cougar's own Panzer G mid-tower, the NZXT H700i, and the be quiet! Dark Base 700. We chose these cases because they are of similar size and feature sets, and all have tempered-glass side panels.

Processor temps held steady at 36°C over the ambient temperature of 25°C. To say we were impressed with the CPU core temperatures would definitely be an understatement. Our budget quad-core Core i5-7500 processor running at 3.8GHz barely broke a sweat during testing. As you can see from the chart below, with case fans set at 1400 RPM, the EVO RGB turned in some of the best temperatures we've ever seen, even compared with phenomenal performers such as NZXT's H700i and the Cooler Master Master Case H500P Mesh.

At just 47°C over the ambient, it is safe to say that graphics-card temperatures are very good. So good in fact, that these results are neck and neck with the NZXT H700i and lower than all the other chassis we used for comparison. With that said, even though our test results were impressive, we found it odd that the Panzer G posted notably better temps. This is most likely due airflow being diverted from the main compartment by the large PSU tunnel and the built in airflow guide.

The tempered glass panels on four of the chassis' six sides of this chassis kept sound output to a minimum. The EVO RGB generated noise levels almost identical to the Panzer G and the Dark Base 700. Both of which are extremely quiet chassis.  

At 32.3 dBA with our test system under full load, we are confident in recommending this system to anyone that wants to build a visually stunning computer with low noise output.

Cooling efficiency and noise levels are both ways to measure performance. Determining acoustic efficiency, also referred to as "cooling-to-noise ratio," is a matter of averaging all five of our tests to determine a base value.

Bottom Line

The Panzer EVO RGB's distinctive looks and aggressive styling will no doubt be a hit with a variety of consumers. The overall construction is great and the fit and finish are top-notch. Overall, the Panzer EVO RGB is a fantastic chassis with enough tempered glass and RGB lighting to satisfy even the most hard-core gamer.

Top-notch thermal performance combined with a laundry list of premium features guarantees this chassis will delight the performance enthusiasts in all of us. In the end this is a case (pun intended) of getting exactly what you pay for. Consumers on a tighter budget should consider Cougar's non-RGB Panzer G, which currently sells for around $100. If you can afford to spend $220 on a chassis, however, the Panzer EVO RGB is well worth the price.  

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  • g-unit1111
    Eh, that case is decent. For $50 less you can go with the more minimalist Corsair 570X which has all the glass and RGB without the ugly handles.
  • kuhndj67
    Cougar Panzer EVO RGP... now THAT'S a name! It doesn't roll off the tongue like "Thunder cougar falcon bird"... but it's close.
  • racksmith101
    I still prefer my thermaltake view 71, needs alot of room though because it's a gigantic beast.
  • BaRoMeTrIc
    The only thing I truly like about this case is the removal of the psu shroud. It's brilliant. Anyone who has a corsair 400c or similar crystal series knows how much of a pain in the ass the psu shroud is to remove if you ever need to add modular cables or access the basement.
  • ubercake
    The name of the case "Panzer" = Tough!

    The display of the RGB's in rainbow-like fashion... It's just plain contradictory, but may appeal to all you Bronies out there???
  • bananaforscale
    Make it a piece of art and it's Panzer Kunst.
  • Crashman
    21059677 said:
    Eh, that case is decent. For $50 less you can go with the more minimalist Corsair 570X which has all the glass and RGB without the ugly handles.
    THIS Corsair 570X?,4825-2.htmlEh, no thanks.
  • Bob in EC
    I've assembled several full tower systems now and each time wonder when case manufacturers are going to consider making them more practical. I stick my computer down beside my desk with all sorts of wires plugged into it, some stretched tight. So instead of an RGB light show, how about filters you can slide out from the front to clean instead of tipping a 30+ lb beast over while trying not to rip cables out?