Cougar Panzer EVO RGB ATX Case Review: Bigger, Brighter, Better

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Overall, the Panzer EVO RGB is a fantastic chassis with enough tempered glass and RGB lighting to satisfy even the most hard-core gamer. Top-notch thermal performance combined with a laundry list of premium features guarantees this chassis will delight the perfromance enthusiasts in all of us. In the end, if you take all things into consideration, we think this is a case (pun intended) of getting exactly what you pay for.


  • +

    Great thermal performance

  • +

    Four fans included

  • +

    Built-in Fan Controller

  • +

    Whisper quiet

  • +

    Impressive RGB lighting

  • +

    Four Tempered glass panels

  • +

    USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port

  • +

    Good build quality

  • +

    solid construction


  • -

    Price (For Some)

  • -

    Fingerprint Magnet

  • -

    Not true E-ATX

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Features & Specifications

Aggressive styling? Check. Tempered glass panels? Check. Packed with fans sporting RGB functionality? Check. It looks as though Cougar's new Panzer EVO RGB chassis is an upgraded version of the Panzer EVO with RGB options galore.  Dubbed the "RGB Crystaline Titan" this chassis not only features dynamic styling and fancy RGB lighting, it has outstanding cooling performance and more than enough space for even the largest of PC builds. At $220, this premium chassis has a price tag to match, but if you can fit the Panzer EVO RGB into your budget, it's worth every penny. 

One of the past complaints, if you can call it that, we have had with Cougar's line of chassis was its lack of RGB functionality. The company has addressed that issue with the Panzer EVO RGB, and done so in a big way with its very first RGB-lit chassis.


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Motherboard SupportATX, mATX, Mini-ITX
Dimensions (HxWxD)24.5 x 10.5 x 21.1" (612 x 266 x 556mm)
Space Above Motherboard1.6” (40.5mm)
Card Length390mm
Power Supply FormatStandard ATX PS2-Style PSU
Weight16.5 kg
External Bays(0) 5.25"
Internal Bays(2) 3.5", (4) 2.5"
Card Slots8
Ports/Jacks(1) USB 3.0, (1) USB 2.0, (1) USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, audio/mic jacks
OtherTempered-glass on four sides, fan control switch, Four RGB-Lit fans
Front Fans3x 120mm Vortex RGB LED
Rear Fans1x 120mm Vortex RGB LED
Top Fans
Bottom Fans
Side Fans


Cougar’s new Panzer EVO RGB bears a striking resemblance to the Panzer G. Both chassis feature an industrial design with a symmetrical crossbar frame, tempered glass panels on four of its six sides, and stylish 45-degree angled corners. Measuring 612 x 266 x 556mm (HWD) and tipping the scales at a rather robust 36.3 lbs, the Panzer EVO RGB is significantly taller and wider than the Panzer G and weighs a full ten pounds more.

Like most of the company's chassis, the Panzer EVO RGB is only available with a black on black color scheme but the overall look is stunning. The case features distinctive faux carbon fiber accents on the corners, giving the chassis a luxurious look and feel. The top panel of this chassis is darkly tinted tempered glass, held in place with four thumbscrews, with mounting locations for three 120mm or 140mm fans and a magnetic mesh filter directly under it. 

The area where the top and front panels meet is home to two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port, and a single USB 2.0 port. Additionally, you will find a fan control slider, power and reset buttons, and headphone and microphone jacks in this location. Cougar has also added two large handles to the top of this case for moving or transporting your system. 

As mentioned, the left, right, and front panels are made of darkly tinted tempered glass. To secure the panels to the frame, the Panzer EVO RGB employs the use of rubber-coated locating pins and thumbscrews. All four of the tempered glass panels have cut-outs that act as air intake vents. This provides a direct path for fresh air to be drawn into the chassis, though the side panels are not filtered. Unlike the Panzer G, there are no tabs at the bottom of the side panels to prevent accidental drops. The company also includes a headphone hanger that can be attached to the front of the case and the area under the handles on top of the case doubles as a storage area for your keyboard. 

The bottom of the case has two filter-covered holes, one for the power supply, one for an optional 120 / 140mm fan. The feet of the chassis consist of two large plastic bars that span from side to side with rubber pads on each side. Although you cannot see from the front or side of the chassis, these feet hold the base of the chassis more than 2.5" off the ground.  

Around back you will find a total of eight expansion card slots, a motherboard I/O area, an exhaust-fan mounting location for 120mm fans, an opening for a bottom-mounted PSU, and three punch out holes for external water cooling tubes.

The metal mesh filters on the top and front of this case are attached by magnetic seals at the edge of the filter. The large filter in the front of the chassis also attaches to the frame via magnets. The large nylon filter located in the bottom of the chassis is attached to the frame with button-style magnets. The down side to this type of filter is that it requires turning your system completely on its side for cleaning and maintenance. That said, the Panzer EVO RGB features a solid fan filtration system that is very capable in terms of its ability to prevent most dirt and dust particles from entering your system.

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  • g-unit1111
    Eh, that case is decent. For $50 less you can go with the more minimalist Corsair 570X which has all the glass and RGB without the ugly handles.
  • kuhndj67
    Cougar Panzer EVO RGP... now THAT'S a name! It doesn't roll off the tongue like "Thunder cougar falcon bird"... but it's close.
  • racksmith101
    I still prefer my thermaltake view 71, needs alot of room though because it's a gigantic beast.
  • BaRoMeTrIc
    The only thing I truly like about this case is the removal of the psu shroud. It's brilliant. Anyone who has a corsair 400c or similar crystal series knows how much of a pain in the ass the psu shroud is to remove if you ever need to add modular cables or access the basement.
  • ubercake
    The name of the case "Panzer" = Tough!

    The display of the RGB's in rainbow-like fashion... It's just plain contradictory, but may appeal to all you Bronies out there???
  • bananaforscale
    Make it a piece of art and it's Panzer Kunst.
  • Crashman
    21059677 said:
    Eh, that case is decent. For $50 less you can go with the more minimalist Corsair 570X which has all the glass and RGB without the ugly handles.
    THIS Corsair 570X?,4825-2.htmlEh, no thanks.
  • Bob in EC
    I've assembled several full tower systems now and each time wonder when case manufacturers are going to consider making them more practical. I stick my computer down beside my desk with all sorts of wires plugged into it, some stretched tight. So instead of an RGB light show, how about filters you can slide out from the front to clean instead of tipping a 30+ lb beast over while trying not to rip cables out?