Data Fever: Ultra320 SCSI from Adaptec and LSI Logic

Adaptec 39320D-R

BIOS/ Firmware: 4.10.1.

The Adaptec controller stands out mainly because of the obviously better package. Along with the obligatory and well-appointed driver CD, the package includes a short manual and a usable six-port cable. Adaptec uses the best materials for this, and the strands are twisted together, not so much for manageability, but rather for the shielding effect.

Two driver CDs are included: one in case you use the integrated host RAID capabilities (RAID 0 or 1); the other for the host adapter in "normal operation." Along for the ride are drivers for DOS, Caldera, Netware and Windows, including Windows XP and 64 bit Windows XP.

Also included is the familiar EZ SCSI software from Adaptec (Version 6.0), which allows simple management of the SCSI bus while providing a little benchmark tool.