Data Fever: Ultra320 SCSI from Adaptec and LSI Logic

Costly: SCSI Cables

This Ultra160/320 SCSI cable offers eight connectors. One of them is gone when connected to the host adapter; a second on the logical bus end has to be equipped with a terminator.

The subject of cables in SCSI never fails to raise discussion. While IDE ribbon cables or serial cables sell for just a few dollars, Ultra160/ 320 SCSI cables (suited to both standards) run as much as $30 or more. The model with eight connectors (which we used) costs up to $50 or more in specialty shops.

Left: the Ultra320 cable from Adaptec, which is included with all retail versions of host adapters (six connectors, for four drives). Right: the standard cable.

Operating System: Too Early For Windows Server 2003

Originally, we wanted to run this test under Windows Server 2003, since, after all, both of the controllers were detected correctly by Microsoft's new OS (the required drivers are included). The performance level, however, is still a far cry from the performance that can be attained with Windows 2000 server.

Both Adaptec and LSI are currently working on 2003 drivers; however, it might take some time until they are available because the RAID controller seems to have priority - in this area, the drivers are often already available.