Data Fever: Ultra320 SCSI from Adaptec and LSI Logic

Benchmark Results

Access Time

As expected, the differences between the controllers with regard to the access time are negligible.

Data Transfer Rates

With a queue depth of one or two blocks (typical for database applications), the LSI controller is ahead by a hair. If the queue depth rises, however, then adapters with approx. 15 MB/s more can be used.

With block sizes of 128 kB, the results look the same: longer queries are processed more quickly by Adaptec's 39320D-R.

If 256 kB blocks are queried, the differences are reduced. However, Adaptec remains ahead with nearly all queue depths.

512 kB Blocks are not the strength of the LSI 20320R. Here, Adaptec works just a bit faster in all respects.