Eclipse & Mystic: Offbeat Cases from ThermalRock

Continuation Of The Series With The CD Player Look

The two new kids on the block from ThermalRock

The ersatz CD player front panel has a tradition at ThermalRock, and this time around is no different - it's all just a fata morgana. Granted, you can still insert a real CD or DVD in the recess of the case, but it won't play. Whereas the initial model in the series - the Circle RH-F030-25W - had storage space for four such discs, the Eclipse midi tower only lets you stow a single one. With the Mystic, this feature was dispensed with entirely; instead of the CD, all you see is an arc of light.

ThermalRock Eclipse: Midi Tower With Imitation CD Player

Aluminum featherweight

While the Eclipse case makes a very tidy and compact impression, it features plenty of room for the hardware it must house. The midi tower is mainly made of aluminum and weighs in at an impressive 13.6 lb (6.2 kilos), making it one of the lighter cases on the market. The model's most distinctive features are its transparent side window and its out-of-the-ordinary front panels.

USB, FireWire and sound ports are all located on the side

Siggy Moersch