ELSA Erazor X and Absolute Multimedia Outrageous 3D GeForce Review

Benchmark Results - Quake Arena Normal

We have a few add standings here because of the processor being the bottleneck. The margin of error on these tests will very enough so that you may see a DDR board be ever so slightly slower than an SDR one.

Now that we've moved the resolution up a bit, we can see things fall into their normal order of performance. Ever card is still performing very well but the DDR based GeForce boards are still taking the cake for best performers.

At our highest normal Quake settings, we see the pack fall into a familiar order of places. You'll notice that on every one of our tests in resolutions where the CPU is no longer the bottleneck that the SDR GeForce boards stick very close to one another. You don't have to worry much about buying one brand over the other for speed.