ELSA Erazor X and Absolute Multimedia Outrageous 3D GeForce Review

Driver Interface - Erazor X, Continued

There aren't any special options in this window other than your standard OpenGL switches.

Here we have the all-important overclocking property window that is built into the standard driver.

Here you can adjust the color levels of your desktop with a few sliders and can even create profiles.

We have the ability to balance the color settings for the video output here.

Overall I think the Erazor X drivers provide everything you'll need from disabling VSYNC to an overclocking window. You have control over your most important settings and then some. The only thing I would have liked to see added would be a real time health monitor built into the info window or the overclock window.

Another small note I'd like to make is about my experience with the drivers once I started testing. I was forced to go back two driver revisions to have flawless testing. The first two drivers I used have visual issues but weren't any faster. I ended up using the shipping CD to have reliable graphic quality and complete the tests. I want to make this clear before everyone emails me about the "old" driver I had used for the Erazor X.