ELSA Erazor X and Absolute Multimedia Outrageous 3D GeForce Review

Benchmark Results - Quake Arena High Quality

At low resolution we are able to see some boards pulling ahead due to the high quality setting. The 32-bit color starts hogging memory bandwidth even at this low of a resolution.

Having spent the extra $50 for a DDR GeForce would prove its value in this test big time. Running Quake Arena at 1024x768 and high quality on a DDR GeForce board would run really smooth while you'll probably not enjoy it when playing on a SDR GeForce board.

Raising Quake Arena to the highest setting we test at proves to be too much for any of our test cards, even our almighty overclocked DDR GeForce board. You can still clearly see that the DDR boards dominate the top spots with their superior memory bandwidth.

My conclusion to the actual graphics performance of our competitors is that a DDR GeForce is a must if you're going to spend this type of money on a graphics card. It has been proven time and time again in our tests that the GeForce DDR dominates its SDR brother without much of a problem. Regardless of brand, the performance only really changes when memory types differ (going from SDR to DDR).