ELSA Erazor X and Absolute Multimedia Outrageous 3D GeForce Review

Driver Interface - Outrageous 3D

A small note before we look at the O3D driver interface. The young age of the O3D is apparent when you install the drivers as it doesn't have a very user-friendly install interface. Not only is it confusing but after you install the driver, it doesn't seem to have done the right things to force a successful install. I was forced into installing the driver manually which isn't a big deal but for the novice user, it might prove to be a bit painful.

Here we have what appears to be the NVIDIA reference information panel. You get look up basic card and driver information here.

If you haven't noticed by now, this is the same interface as the NVIDIA reference drivers. This window holds all the OpenGL options and settings.

You're provided with some basic sliders to fine-tune your visuals.

The only real useful option on this screen is the ability to enable a shortcut to your video settings through the taskbar.