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AMD FirePro W9100 Review: Hawaii Puts On Its Suit And Tie

OpenCL: 4K Video Post-Processing

Video Editing and Encoding

For multimedia and entertainment applications, professionals want smooth and efficient processing of high-resolution content. OpenCL and CUDA are well-suited for speeding up such complex calculations.

Because 4K (3840x2160) is becoming more and more common in the professional and desktop spaces, we picked two applications that employ OpenCL to accelerate processing (filtering) and encoding of this up-and-coming format.

We modified our test setup slightly by adding a third SSD, Samsung's 500 GB 840 EVO. It receives the output data, which are large H.264-encoded video files. The input files (several 4K TIFF files and a 4K video) reside on a 480 GB Corsair Neutron GX. We wanted to make sure that storage wasn't introducing any performance-altering bottlenecks.

Adobe Premiere CC Pro

Our two tests include a sequence of TIFF-based images affected by OpenCL-accelerated filters and a high-res video run through another series of filters.

In the first test, AMD's FirePro W9100 is just slightly behind Nvidia's Quadro K6000. After dialing back the number of OpenCL-accelerated filters to a more realistic number, this small performance gap shrinks even more to just a few seconds.

Sony Vegas Pro

The FirePro W9100 flexes its muscles in Vegas Pro, leading the Quadro K6000 by more than it trailed in our Adobe Premiere Pro CC test.

Overall, AMD's FirePro W9100 holds its own. And we can see that, in general, the more multimedia content you work on, and the more complex your filters become, GPU acceleration provides greater performance benefit.