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AMD FirePro W9100 Review: Hawaii Puts On Its Suit And Tie

SPECviewperf 12: Showcase, Siemens NX, And SolidWorks

Showcase 2013

The FirePro W9100 places a close second after the Quadro K6000. Both cards dominate the rest of the field. Interestingly, Showcase 2013 is one of the very few professional apps completely based on DirectX.

Siemens NX 8.0

Again, Nvidia's flagship and AMD's FirePro W9100 dominate with massive leads over the rest of the field (though the Quadro K6000 has an advantage).

SolidWorks 2013 SP1

The Quadro K6000 offers massive performance at a similarly hefty price. AMD's FirePro W9100 barely manages to surpass its older W9000, but fails to beat Nvidia's Quadro K5000. As you can imagine, then, the performance difference between the FirePro W9100 and Quadro K6000 is humbling, yielding another situation where AMD’s driver team has work cut out for it.