Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 760W Power Supply Review

Good performance and silent operation at a decent price.

Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 760W
(Image: © Fractal Design)

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The Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum with 760W max power is a very good power supply with plenty of strengths. The overall efficiency is high and the output noise is low even under severe operating conditions. The flexible modular cables offer a stress-free installation process and the build quality is excellent. The cherry on top is the fair price that Fractal Design asks for it, which allows for a high performance per dollar ratio. Lastly, the PSU has two EPS connectors along with a large number of PCIe ones, so it will easily support high-end gaming or potent video editing systems.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

The major opponents of the Ion+ 760P are the aged, but still highly competitive, Corsair HX750 and a member of the highly popular Seasonic Focus line, the Focus Plus Platinum with 750W max power. Both achieve higher overall performance than the Ion+ 760P, but the latter takes the lead in the overall efficiency and noise output sections. With some small fixes, e.g., higher efficiency at super light loads and a more efficient 5VSB rail, the Ion+760P will be even better. 

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Aris Mpitziopoulos
Contributing Editor

Aris Mpitziopoulos is a Contributing Editor at Tom's Hardware US, covering PSUs.

  • shadyj
    Admin said:
    The Ion+ 760P from Fractal Design offers good performance and silent operation at a decent price.

    Fractal Design Ion+ Platinum 760W Power Supply Review : Read more

    I just want to thank Tom's Hardware for such in-depth PSU reviews like this with serious measurements. I will admit most of the metrics in the review go over my head, but the reviewer does provide guidance as to how those measurements rank the product under review. I know this is not easy to do since I review products that have measurable performance that can get highly technical, but I try to provide commentary as to the meaning of the test results. These objective results are so much more valuable than some "influencer's" subjective experience on youtube or some other low data review. This really helps us who aren't electrical engineers make a slightly more informed purchase with more confidence.

  • Aris_Mp
    Thank you very much for your kind words!
  • NoFaultius
    Interesting timing on your article. I just RMA'd this power supply today. It worked great for 10 months, then started causing random reboots. While it worked, it worked great. Silent and strong. So far, they have been good with the RMA process. They emailed me a label to send them the defective unit back. Apparently they will send me a replacement once they get it and run some tests.