Galax GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Review

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Final Analysis

We'd characterize Galax's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HoF as big, bulky, visually imposing, yet relatively quiet, cool-running, and very fast. Overclocking potential appears to be a forgone conclusion, based on the cooler's heft, but our testing shows there really is plenty of available headroom to harness.

The power supply is well-implemented, though a trio of eight-pin auxiliary power connectors is superfluous. Rather than proving useful, extras like that can cause enthusiasts needless problems. A decent PSU with two 6+2-pin connectors should be fully sufficient for this job. Further, Galax bundles three Molex-to-eight-pin adapters, which are wasteful filler. Two eight-pin connectors would have been fine by us.

The additional display does bring a certain charm with it, and we all know power users who can't resist showy extras like that. Furthermore, there's an extensive range of accessories to consider, include the decorative, illuminated acrylic that shines through your case window. But with all of that said, a proper bracket to support this card's >1.6kg should have been part of Galax's bundle.

While most of that sounds like praise, we also have our share of...shall we say constructive criticism. First, there is the awkwardly-implemented, quasi-absent hysteresis apparent in our noise and fan speed measurements. Second, the memory/VRM temperatures we recorded under full load didn't have to be as high as they were. With both items addressed, it may have been possible for Galax to offer its customers an even faster card. As this Hall of Fame board stands, assume that you're in line for another round of the silicon lottery when it comes to achieving higher-than-factory clock rates.


Despite the handful of issues we brought to light, in the end, we're giving Galax's GeForce GTX 1080 Ti our Editor Recommended award by a narrow margin. After all, its performance, aesthetics, and unique features show a real effort to differentiate at the very highest level. Just be aware that, if you buy this board, it's a real behemoth. Length, height, and weight all need to be taken under serious consideration. Thus, it is not just the relatively high price that is likely to limit the card's audience.

Enthusiasts who are particularly fond of decorative features like LEDs and LCD displays will find Galax's Hall of Fame flagship irresistible to a degree that will be hard to beat by competing manufacturers. The Galax GeForce GTX 1080 Ti HoF is out there to polarize, and we certainly appreciate having one more good-looking option.

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  • JonDol
    "What's more, the card is only available through Galax's website (at almost Titan Xp pricing, no less)"

    And yet I'd buy this one rather than the Xp: while I have no problems with Titan's price I do have a big problem with its noise and cooling and for this reason I think that Nvidia's decision to not open the Titan to OEMs (and their better custom cooling solutions) was a really bad one.
  • AndrewJacksonZA
    This thing is simply beautiful... I would love to have one. :-)

    Thank you for the review, Igor!
  • 10tacle
    Whew what a beast! As much as I like the white theme as my next build will be white with blue LEDs, I could never justify paying this premium over my $730 EVGA SC2 Gaming 1080 Ti.
  • mac_angel
    for the GTX 1080ti cards, overclocking is better done by adjusting the curve in Afterburner instead of just adding +xx to the core clock
  • FormatC
    20099153 said:
    for the GTX 1080ti cards, overclocking is better done by adjusting the curve in Afterburner instead of just adding +xx to the core clock
    Each card is unique and the curve may differ a lot. I use curves to undervolt my own cards, but this is in detail too much for such a review. The next reader will copy my curves and then bash me because it won't work for him. :)
  • Hal-Jordan
    I was curious how much they were charging for this. I don't see the price listed anywhere in the text of the article. There's a black "Suggested price..." box at the bottom of the page, with the price listed as "N/A," and the galax website appears to be offline. It seems that an important part of the review was omitted.
  • FormatC
    As we wrote the review, the card was available and the site online. Difficult to say, what happened.
  • Hamm_
  • redgarl
    Ugly as hell and the Achiles heel of the 1080s is the VRAM. Your card can die after a short time if the cooling solution is not adequate. i would not touch this with a 10 meter stick.
  • caustin582
    Practical issues aside, Galax needs to fire whoever did the visual design for this card. My god is this thing ugly.