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SLI & Centrino 2: Gaming Laptops Battle

Test Setup

ModelAlienware m17xASUS G71 Eurocom Montebello Killer Notebooks Odachi
CPUCore 2 Extreme X9000Core 2 Duo T9400Core 2 Extreme X9100Core 2 Quad Q9650
Memory4 GB DDR2-8004 GB DDR3-13332 GB DDR3-13334GB DDR2-800
Graphics2 x GeForce 9800M GTGeForce 9700M GTGeForce 9800M GT2 x GeForce 8800M GTX
LCD17” (1920x1200)17” (1920x1200)15” (1680x1050)17” (1920x1200)
Storage2 x Samsung 500GB SpinPoint H62 x WD 250GB Scorpio Blue1 x Hitachi 320GB Travelstar 7K3203 x WD 160GB Scorpio Black
NetworkingGbE + 4965AGNGbE + WiFi Link 5100GbE + WiFi Link 5300GbE + 4965AGN
Battery6,600 mAh5,200 mAh4,400 mAh6,600 mAh
Camera2 MP2MP2MP2MP
Optical2x DL BR, DVD+/-R/RW ComboDVD+/-R/RW ComboDVD+/-R/RW ComboDVD+/-R/RW Combo
WarrantyUp to 3-year 24/7 phone w/on-site service (extra $300)2-year hardware/1-year battery/30-day zero bright dot + free two-way overnight shippingUp to 3-year return to depot with tech support ($245 extra)1-year global warranty/30-day dead pixel guarantee

Benchmarks and Settings

CrysisVersion: 1.2.1Video Mode: 1280x1024, 1680x1050, and 1920x1200Overall Quality: HighDemo: CPU-Benchmark2 + Tom’s Hardware Tool
Unreal Tournament 3Version: 1.2Video Mode: 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1200Sound and DirectX10; Window offVideo Quality:Texture Details: 1, Level Details: 1, Demo: WAR-OnyxCoast-FPSTime: 12/60
World in ConflictVersion: Mode: 1280x1024, 1680x1050, and 1920x1200Video Quality: low detailsDemo: Game-Benchmark
Supreme CommanderForged AllianceVersion: 1.5.3599Video Mode: 1280x1024, 1680x1050, and 1920x1200Video Quality: game defaultDemo: WallaceTX_006_006Benchmark: Fraps 2.9.4 - Build 7037Start time 00:48:20 (60 seconds) realtime play
iTunesVersion:, Audio CD (Terminator II SE), 53 min, Default format AAC
TMPEG 4.5Version: Terminator 2 SE DVD (720x576, 16:9) 5 MinutesAudio: Dolby Digital, 48000 Hz, 6-Channel, EnglishAdvanced Acoustic Engine MP3 Encoder (160 kbps, 44.1 KHz)
DivX 6.8.3Version: 6.8.3- Main Menu -default- Codec Menu -Encoding mode: Insane QualityEnhanced multithreadingEnabled using SSE4Quarter-pixel search- Video Menu -Quantization: MPEG-2
XviD 1.1.3Version: 1.1.3- Other Options / Encoder Menu -Display encoding status = off
Mainconcept Reference 1.5.1Reference H.264 Plugin Pro 1.5.1Version: 1.5.1MPEG2 to MPEG2 (H.264)MainConcept H.264/AVC Codec28 sec HDTV 1920x1080 (MPEG2)Audio: MPEG2 (44.1 kHz, 2 Channel, 16 Bit, 224 kbps)Codec: H.264Mode: PAL (25 FPS)Profile: Tom’s Hardware Settings for Qct-Core
Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus 8Version: 8.0.134Virus base: 270.4.5/1533BenchmarkScan: some compressed ZIP and RAR archives
Winrar 3.80Version 3.70 BETA 8WinZIP Commandline Version 2.3Compression = BestDictionary = 4096 KBBenchmark: THG-Workload
WinZIP 11Version 11.2Compression = BestBenchmark: THG-Workload
Maxon Cinema 4D Release 10Version: 10.008Rendering from a scene(Water drop at a Rose)Resolution: 1280x1024 – 8-Bit (50 frames)
Adobe Photoshop CS 3Version: 10.0x20070321Filtering of a 69 MB TIF-PhotoBenchmark: Tomshardware-Benchmark V1.0.0.4Programmed by Tomshardware using Delphi 2007Filters:CrosshatchGlassSumi-eAccented EdgesAngled StrokesSprayed Strokes
3DMark VantageVersion: 1.02Options: PerformanceGraphics Test 1Graphics Test 2CPU Test 1CPU Test 2
PCMark VantageVersion: 1.00PCMark BenchmarkMemory BenchmarkWindows Media Player
SiSoftware Sandra XII SP2Version 2008.5.14.24CPU Test = CPU Arithmetic / MultiMediaMemory Test = Bandwidth Benchmark
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • kitsilencer
    From a money point of view, it's never going to make sense buying a gaming laptop. Scaled down performance and inability to upgrade are issues.

    But it sure as hell feels good having one ^___^
  • Hey, that aint green...
  • neiroatopelcc,2023-6.html
    "shipped the system with a 64-bit copy of Vista Ultimate (Alienware included x32 Home Premium)."
  • ap90033
    4 Grand? Are you guys nuts? I would say that right there would rule out about 90% of us normal gmaers..

    Besides the gaming scores looked weak imo..

    I personally thought it was a better idea to go get a Gateway P7811FX with a single Geforce 9800GTS. It plays Call of Duty at 1920x1200 max settings around 50FPS. AND it cost me ONLY $1249 (Plus Best Buy let me pick any game I wanted for FREE!)
  • jas39
    what about
  • agree with kitsilencer, gaming laptop is never practical.

    even with a beast graphics card, you'd be pretty hard to get more than 2 hours of shitty performance.

    get a gaming desktop and perhaps an EEE or iPhone for travelling. my iPhone has 20+ games and enough media (don't forget TV connector for watching films in hotels) to keep me busy for more than one week away from my gaming rig.
  • ap90033
    oops cant spell "gamers" lol
  • ap90033
    Not true my "Gmaing Laptop" is great at LAN Parties and I play it for 6-8 Hours straight there...

    I think maybe you had a bad experience with a laptop that claimed to be a "gaming" laptop. I bought one before like that and it have an 8600M Geforce and it Sucked bad... If you get a good laptop with say a 9800gts or so you would be suprised...
  • GlItCh017
    ap900334 Grand? Are you guys nuts? I would say that right there would rule out about 90% of us normal gmaers..99.90%
  • ap90033
    PS gaming laptops hold value much better than desktops. I had one I paid 1250 for, had it for a year, then sold it for $1100 and bought the newer "upgraded" model that just came out for $1250. I got an Upgraded CPU (From Core 2 1.67 GHZ to Core 2 Centrino 2 2.26 GHZ), Memory (from 3 Gigs DDR2 667MHZ to 4 Gigs DDR3 1066MHZ), Hard Drive (faster), Video Card (from 8800gts to 9800GTS), Screen (from 1440x800 to 1920x1200) and OS (From 32 bit to 64 bit). Not bad upgrade for $150 or so!