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Gaming Shoot-Out: 18 CPUs And APUs Under $200, Benchmarked

Results: DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown features an advanced lighting model, but how does the CPU factor in?

Once again, the Pentium, Athlon II X3, and dual-core APUs struggle at the back of the pack. All of the other chips achieve at least 60 FPS on average, and no fewer than 50 FPS. Again, that's a different story altogether compared to what we saw in last year's shoot-out under $200, where the Pentium tied AMD's A8-3870K in DiRT 3.

The frame rate over time chart suggests that even AMD's A4 APUs might be playable, since they hug 30 FPS most of the time.

DiRT Showdown exhibits low consecutive frame latencies. Only the A4-5300 hits 10 milliseconds; the rest of the field is under eight.