Gigabyte G27F 27-inch Monitor Review: No-Frills Gaming Tool

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Gigabyte G27F
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Viewing Angles

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Though Gigabyte doesn’t specify the G27F as using an AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) panel, our photo certainly suggests that technology is present. At 45 degrees to the side, there is only a slight shift to blue, and brightness decreases by just about 20%. Detail remains strong in both highlight and shadow areas. The top view goes a bit green with some washout of the image, but you can still see the 11 steps clearly.

Screen Uniformity

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(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Gigabyte fits the G27F’s anti-glare layer tightly for image clarity. This works well but can cause bleed at the edges. Our sample did not exhibit this behavior. The C6 colorimeter detected hotspots at the lower corners of the screen that could just be seen in a black field pattern with the room lights off. This was not visible in any content we viewed. Color was perfectly uniform, and anything above a full black field looked perfect from edge to edge.

Pixel Response and Input Lag

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The G27F draws the screen in 7ms like nearly all 144 Hz monitors. Coupled with one of the best overdrives we’ve seen, that means blur is a non-issue. You won’t need to engage the backlight strobe for a clear moving image. Input lag is a tad slower than the rest of the screens here, but only the most skilled players will detect a 3 ms difference. We had no problems playing our favorite action games and never saw delay of any kind.

Christian Eberle
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  • BillNguyen
    I was hoping for a G27Q review, because I already ordered it (still waiting for it to arrive!). I'm going to assume it's basically the same monitor but at 1440p res instead of 1080p?