The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: 17" LCDs Reviewed

Spatial Uniformity

Spatial uniformity was average, with the values dispersed over 20% of the range. The upper part of the panel had the disagreeable drawback of being brighter than the lower part. That also proved to be true in practice. In other words, though it's a product of the same basic technology, the Q17+ seems to have static qualities that are not as good as the 710T. Let's look at its responsiveness.

Response Time: Something's Wrong Here

When we measured the latency of this panel, we ran into a serious problem: It was excessive.

There are several possible explanations. The first is that the monitor we were sent is defective. In the best cases, the monitor had trouble achieving 15.2 ms instead of the 13 its statistics show. This is all the more questionable since the 710T did attain the announced ISO latency value at the end of the curve. The second explanation would be that there's a variation in the fabrication process of the 13 ms Samsung panels. 13 ms is a typical value and, assuming a tolerance of 20% one way or the other, such a variation could be possible. In any case, we've contacted Hyundai to have them send us a second Q17+ monitor so we can cross-check. I myself tend to think it's a defective monitor. This article will be updated as soon as we've made the tests.

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