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High Power For Power Users: 13 Power Supplies In The Spotlight

Conclusion: THG Recommends Antec, Fortron And Zalman

Potent power supplies with up to 520-Watts secondary output do it in style.

In the 400- to 449-Watt class, Zalman’s ZM400A-APF is a solid power supply that really performs well. A definite plus is its low noise levels : At 27.5 db(A) at minimum load, the power supply is almost inaudible. The Fortron Source FSP400-60PFN is also worth a mention. The device offers excellent output scores and excellent features. What’s more, this power supply scored the best efficiency rating in the test with 78%.

In the power-use class, the 450- to 520-Watt league, the THG lab technicians only arrived at one recommendation : the Antec True 480P, which produced the most power in the test. This power supply also delivers stable voltages on all lines and comes with a good equipment package. The Antec True 480P is the power supply we recommend for high demands, and is especially suited to extreme overclockers.