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High Power For Power Users: 13 Power Supplies In The Spotlight

Increased Efficiency Saves Energy

A power supply’s efficiency is often underestimated. In the power supplies that we tested, the relationship of input to output varied, from 64% to 78% .

The Fortron Source power supply draws 571 Watts when plugged into the wall to put out 397 Watts, while the Coba ATX-400W needs 585 Watts for just 377 Watts output. The Fortron Source power supply thus saves 15% in power costs while delivering higher efficiency. In addition, the Coba device generates more than 200 Watts of heat that must be dissipated.

The Zalman ZM400A-APF offers very low noise levels.

The Fortron Source FSP400-60PFN had the best efficiency in the test.

The Antec True 480P had the best performance, with 484 Watts maximum output on the secondary side.