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High Power For Power Users: 13 Power Supplies In The Spotlight

Changes In The Wind For Power Supplies

As we showed you in an IDF preview early this year , new power supply designs will incorporate changes that are required in order for the power supplies to handle the new Serial ATA power connectors on both hard and optical drives. These new power supplies will feature the Serial ATA power connectors, but adaptors will be available as well. From what we have been told by various vendors, you will start to see power supplies featuring the Serial ATA power connectors in late July or early August.

As you can see in this picture the Western Digital Raptor features both the standard and Serial ATA power connectors. At least for the moment this is good news for those moving to Serial ATA, but expect new power supplies coming soon to feature the Serial ATA power connector as a standard part of the package.

In addition, you can also expect a variety of converters that will allow you to use your existing power supply. These adaptors will adapt the standard power connector to a Serial ATA power connector, which protects the investment of those who have spent significant money on a good power supply, yet wish to move to Serial ATA products. There does not appear to be an immediate migration to hard disk products that feature only the Serial ATA power connector. We have noticed that most Serial ATA hard drives have continued to sport the regular power connector as well as the Serial ATA power connector. While this will surely benefit some in the short term, we don't expect this trend to last forever.