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High Power For Power Users: 13 Power Supplies In The Spotlight

How To Do It: Building Your Own Silent Power Supplies

High performance often goes hand in hand with high noise levels. Yet, by exchanging the power supply fan, you can reduce noise levels by up to 20 db(A).

Passive heat sinks in the interior and on the reverse of the power supply ensure that the Pro Silence PCS-350 stays cool.

In addition to performance, the noise levels generated during operation are also important for a power supply. Loud humming, buzzing or high-pitched whistling over long periods is distracting and annoying. A silent power supply is also desirable if you are using a PC system as a DVD player in your living room. A noise level of 40 db(A) will already begin to detract from your film enjoyment.

But by swapping the fan, the noise generated by the power supply can be reduced to below 30 db(A). Alternatively, power supplies with quiet fans or built-in passive heat sinks are the answer for users who would prefer not to tinker with their power supplies themselves.